• Civil Site Design

    Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient and simple-to-use civil design tools for road network design, highways, road reconstruction, site grading, surface creation, stormwater, sewer and pipeline design.

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    We regularly host webinars covering the fundamentals and advanced features of Civil Site Design, as well as other civil and survey software.

    Join us for a live web presentation or request a demonstration to see how Civil Site Design can benefit you.

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  • Multiple Platform Support

    Civil Site Design is available on AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Map 3D and BricsCAD.

    Get the latest commercial version of the software on your selected CAD platform including 12 months access to support, software upgrades and webinar recordings. Built for versions from 2012 to the latest release.

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  • Civil Design Software Shouldn't Cost the Earth

    Civil Site Design turns your current CAD platform into a low cost, comprehensive Civil design solution.

    Deliver road, highway, road reconstruction, stormwater, site grading, sewer and pipe design projects directly inside your drawing, ready for plotting. All on your current CAD platform.

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Press Release

Advanced Road Design has evolved from a focussed road design application to a comprehensive civil design solutions incoporating road design, drainage, sewer and pipe design, surfaces, alignments and site grading.  As part of this software evolution we have renamed the product Civil Site Design.

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Fast, efficient and dynamic design of intersections, kerb returns, cul-de-sacs and knuckles. Include roundabouts with ease. Have multiple design windows open at once. As you move a road string, watch all sections update, intersections update and surface rebuild. Get volumes without effort. Click button outputs to long and cross section sheets and point setout.

Subdivision Roads

Built for large models and a proven performer on large scale road designs including interchanges. Where you find performance issues in other software you'll get lightning-fast speed as you make design changes. Dynamic enough to automate traditional intersections and flexible enough to model complex interchanges via a hybrid assembly and string based approach.

Highway Design

Design your sections to account for all constraints - included are tools to match to surfaces, other strings, continue crossfalls, match to horizontal constraints, and conditionally remove sections. Automate your string vertical design based on minimum pavement thickness, match to surface and more. Build your own models using any collection of profiles.

Road Reconstruction

Design your underground pipe network using a surface or in context with your road designs. Make use of automated rules for minimum cover and slope requirements, with the ability to quickly identify and resolve any conflicting services. Includes stormwater design for pipe sizing and sewer design house connection controls for establishing sewer pipe invert levels.

Stormwater & Sewer Pipe Design

Grade parcels, building pads, detention basins, wetlands and more. Create gradings directly from polylines and cross section assemblies, with simple corner cleanup tools applied at corners. Apply changing batter slopes, apply alignment controls, and more. Design using a graphical profile design window and/or grid view design window. Fast volume outputs.

Site Grading

The TIN Surface modeling tools let you design whatever you want using any combination of 3D faces, 3D polylines, AutoCAD points and point files. This is a rapid display engine showing contours, labelling and analysis outputs in the drawing. Generate surface analysis tables and export to Civil 3D Surfaces. Generate volume reports and stack surfaces.

Surface Modeling