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 ARD V14.02

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Advanced Road Design V14

Automatic and dynamic plan drafting.  
Quick surface creation from your design, updating as you make changes.
Build models directly in the drawing - experience the results as you make changes.
Freedom of choice - pick your AutoCAD or BricsCAD platform and convert it into a civil
           engineering application including road and pipe design. 


We've created a playlist on YouTube highlighting the new features.

Other Videos
Surfaces  |  Alignments  |  Roads  |  Pipe, Drainage & Sewer

Advanced Road Design (ARD) has been developed to provide template and string based road design functionality directly inside your BricsCAD or AutoCAD based platform (AutoCAD Civil 3D, Map 3D and AutoCAD).

ARD for AutoCAD- Extended Brochure    |     ARD for BricsCAD - Extended Brochure


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 Australia & New Zealand
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Special Note - ARD on BricsCAD

ARD V14 currently runs on BricsCAD V13.10, the latest release. 

 Tech Tip

ARD can be used for any pipe designs - check out a short video of this on